PROTIP: You can run your own P2Pool and even switch between nodes without losing shares! Download a copy from Github and help keep the network healthy!
The Hive is coming! is running Litecoin Cash and you should too! Experimental ASICBoost support also is enabled on our nodes!

Quick Start

Welcome to WeMineLCC's P2Pool!

What makes P2Pool special?

Decentralized! Like Litecoin Cash and its kin, no single person controls the pool or the payouts. Many P2Pool nodes come together to form a secure, distributed network where miners around the world can work together in harmony.

Great Payouts! While other pools clamor to pay the bills and pool-hoppers snag the lion's share, P2Pool runs lean with ultra-low fees and rewards loyalty over luck. No other pool software pays like P2Pool!

Lower Latency! WeMineLCC currently runs P2Pool nodes on 3 continents, all with excellent connectivity to the Litecoin Cash network. Orphans with P2Pool are virtually unheard of, and for the ultimate connectivity, you can even run your own node right at home or at your farm!

* Note: it is possible, but not advisable to mine LCC with a GPU - especially NVidia!
  • US West URL: stratum+tcp://
  • EU Central URL: stratum+tcp://
  • Asia URL: stratum+tcp://
  • Username: Any valid legacy LCC address (no dots or extra characters!)
  • Password: x
  • Get more details about P2Pool on the Wiki
  • Set manual difficulty by adding "+100" to the end of your username.
  • Set max difficulty by adding "/100" to the end of your username.
  • Rental minimums: +2000 over 10 TH/s, +12000 over 100 TH/s, +60000 over 1 PH/s.

Antminer S9 Example (cgminer):

-o stratum+tcp:// -u CSjAt1ZUe4ZfE9PgpKq9z1wtFp725ikMH3+2400 -p x
Address Hashrate Rejected Hashrate Predicted Payout


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